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The great potential of existing commercial and corporate real estate properties as an integral part of electricity generation from renewable energy must be tapped so that the energy transition finally reaches the real estate industry and companies themselves.

The property as part of sustainable energy production

The large-scale mobilization of building envelopes can make a valuable contribution to meeting the enormous demand for renewable energy. Deinland transforms horizontal and vertical surfaces of buildings into electricity-generating units with the aim of creating a return-oriented added value for property owners.

We are convinced that property areas can only be mobilized on a large scale if property owners themselves participate in electricity generation. Merely leasing building surfaces to third parties means not realizing and exploiting economic potentials.

Therefore, our “Immo-PV” product is the solution to convert the generated energy into added value for the property and its owners. Achieving taxonomy and ESG compliance for the real estate portfolio and the operational building stock is just as much a focus as the economic benefit.

existing commercial properties

Immo-PV for commercial existing properties means that property owners invest in PV systems that are built on their own property portfolio by using horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Property owners thus invest in a return-oriented asset bundled in an SFDR Article 9 fund based on their own building surfaces. At the same time, however, the properties are also upgraded according to SFDR Article 8, without the risk of a trade tax imprint on rental income.

In this respect, Immo-PV creates a new “dark green” investment class in the real estate industry and simultaneously supports the taxonomy/ESG-oriented transformation of the existing property portfolio. If property owners are not interested in investing in the installed PV systems, these energy-producing assets will be sold to investment companies/infrastructure funds.

corporate real estate properties 

Immo-PV for operational properties involves companies using the building envelopes of their commercially used properties for energy production. The primary focus is on increasing the coverage ratio of self-generated electricity in relation to purchased electricity. This results in reduced operating costs and decreased dependence on power suppliers.

Based on the determination of the installed capacity for self-generated electricity production, a corresponding building area to be used is identified. Any additional available areas can be used for extra electricity production with grid feed-in. This includes unused land areas within operational sites.

These created photovoltaic installations can now be sold as return-oriented assets based on a “dark green investment class” to capital investors, depending on the company’s interests. Alternatively, the company can retain these energy-producing units as long-term investments in their portfolio.

Let’s use the sun wherever we can

Characteristics of Immo-PV

Increase Potential

Based on Immo-PV, property owners unlock the potential and added value of existing roof areas and/or facade segments.

Maximize Areas

The static conditions and analysis of the building structures are the drivers for the choice of PV technology and no area should be excluded from the outset.

Reduce Energy Costs

With Immo-PV, companies and property owners can lower energy costs and stabilize operating expenses in the long term.

Secure Energy Supply

Self-supply of electricity for production processes within corporate real estate properties increases supply security and reduces dependency.

Implementing ESG criteria

Immo-PV helps companies fulfil ESG criteria that are becoming increasingly important for investors and stakeholders and need to be implemented in the short to medium term.

Follow EU Taxonomy

The PV installations enhance the value proposition of the real estate portfolio and support the transformation towards a portfolio or company according to SFDR Art. 8.

Increase attractiveness

This new “dark green” investment class based on an SFDR Art. 9 fund is a very attractive impact investing product for capital investors/ infrastructure funds. 

Accelerating implementation

Deinland relies on digital innovation in the implementation of Immo-PV so that the PV installations can produce energy within 9-12 months.

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