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#Intersolar2023 ended almost a week ago, yet even with the passage of several days, its impact remains strong. It was indeed inspiring to see so many people from different countries presenting new innovations and charting the paths forward. Especially what I have seen in hall B0-B2 will drive the future of developing solar parks or wind farms as the integration of storage capabilities will become much more essential.

⚡We need to overcome the increasing cannibalization effect and energy price dipping points, which are leading to an increasing number of days with negative energy prices. Beside that we need to be much more flexible using the energy during different time periods of the day e.g. when it is dark or when there is little or no wind.

💡We already have batteries which are working well for the current smaller use cases and we are on the way to turn hydrogen to become the solution for energy storage on a large scale. But this will still take a while, as the market needs to be built up. So, we need to think about other concepts to help bridging the time till hydrogen is closing the storage gap.  

❓More on this in my next post! 

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