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    🤗 Today is a great day for us at Deinland! I am very excited to welcome Edelweiss Innovation as an investor at Deinland. Edelweiss Innovation is an impact investor from Berlin that focuses on companies accelerating the transformation into a sustainable, ESG-based economy. 💪This commitment demonstrates that we at Deinland are on the right track with our considerations for mobilizing building envelopes in industrial/commercial real …
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    🌟 As the year is coming to its end, let’s look back. Energy prices went down, solar energy continues to thrive in Germany and the German constitutional court threw a monkey wrench into the government’s plan of subsidizing the energy transition. The year ended on a sour note as COP28 wasn’t the breakthrough it could have been. 🎇For us at Deinland, it was a very …
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    😞COP28 just ended to underwhelming results. In 2023 nations still can’t agree on completely phasing out of fossil fuels. While the initial draft was rightfully rejected, the actual closing agreement is a lot stronger, and the call for a switch to renewable energies is a first, it still leaves a lot to be desired. Of course all nations have t to produce energy to sustain …
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    Great to be invited to speak today at the German Sustainability Day in Dusseldorf. And what a surprise the topic is pretty much linked to Deinland as we are talking about the status, progress and solutions to force the energy transition in Germany 🇩🇪 . The only pity is, that I do not have enough time to present all our solutions. In any event I …
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    Since Friday, it has been clear that local authorities will have to draw up a heating plan for their areas. This was decided by the German Bundestag as part of the heat planning law. The law is linked to the coalition government’s much-discussed Building Energy Act (GEG). According to the law, large cities have until end of June 2026 to draw up a heating plan, …
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    🌞 Exciting News for the renewable energy industry! Yesterday the Ministerpräsidentenkonferenz in Germany has reached a significant milestone with the agreement on the „Pact for Planning, Authorization, and Implementation Acceleration“ (“Beschleunigungspakt”). This pact is designed to streamline, standardize, and expedite approval processes, ensuring the competitiveness of our economy and driving the transformation of our energy system. It involves a comprehensive set of approximately one hundred individual provisions, many of which have long been advocated …

Audio Beiträge

Entdecken Sie in unserem neuesten Interview mit Stefan Müller, dem Leiter Vertrieb bei Deinland Solar Development, wie Photovoltaik zur Schlüsselkomponente der Energiewende wird. Müller beleuchtet, wie Deinland mittelgroße Solaranlagen auf ungenutzten Gewerbe- und Landflächen entwickelt, um Deutschlands Ziel zu unterstützen, bis 2030 mindestens 80% des Stromverbrauchs aus erneuerbaren Energien zu decken. Erfahren Sie, wie Deinland nicht nur Energie erzeugt, sondern auch die Biodiversität durch die Schaffung von Bio-Reservaten fördert und dabei eng mit der lokalen Landwirtschaft und Gemeinschaft zusammenarbeitet, um die Akzeptanz und Effizienz der Solarenergie im ländlichen Raum zu maximieren.

Interview zu Bio-Reservaten

Interview mit Stefan Müller

Beitrag Bio-Reservate! Solaranlagen im ländlichen Raum.

Radiointerview mit Stefan Müller

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