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energy transition flyover

đŸ€— Today is a great day for us at Deinland! I am very excited to welcome Edelweiss Innovation as an investor at Deinland. Edelweiss Innovation is an impact investor from Berlin that focuses on companies accelerating the transformation into a sustainable, ESG-based economy.

đŸ’ȘThis commitment demonstrates that we at Deinland are on the right track with our considerations for mobilizing building envelopes in industrial/commercial real estate for local energy supply. Especially now, as the increased grid expansion costs become evident in electricity prices, the expansion of local electricity production, especially for industry and manufacturing companies, must be a priority. Because we all know: The German economy needs affordable electricity!

đŸ€ Together with Edelweiss Innovation, we will now accelerate our rollout in Germany, and thanks to our geospatial engine ENIGNUM, we are well-prepared for this. For everyone who needs affordable electricity or wants to contribute on a local level, Deinland has the right motto: Join us!

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