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Enignum hovering over Europe

🌟 As the year is coming to its end, let’s look back. Energy prices went down, solar energy continues to thrive in Germany and the German constitutional court threw a monkey wrench into the government’s plan of subsidizing the energy transition. The year ended on a sour note as COP28 wasn’t the breakthrough it could have been.

🎇For us at Deinland, it was a very interesting and valuable year. We’ve made great progress as a company especially with our geospatial engine “ENIGNUM”, which is supporting our project development efforts much better as expected. And in parallel valuable partnerships were formed, and plans were made. We’re very much looking forward to the new year and can’t wait to share with all of you what is yet to come.

🎄But now it is time to reflect, spend time in the comfort of our homes with our family and friends and have some nice food and bottle(s) of wine. Recharge your batteries for a new year and take a deep breath to collect the energy need for yet another exciting year and its challenges. And especially one thing is very important in these challenging times influencing all our lives – we need to maintain some kind of easiness!

🚀Merry Christmas! Peaceful New Year! Happiness to all of you!

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