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😞COP28 just ended to underwhelming results. In 2023 nations still can’t agree on completely phasing out of fossil fuels. While the initial draft was rightfully rejected, the actual closing agreement is a lot stronger, and the call for a switch to renewable energies is a first, it still leaves a lot to be desired. Of course all nations have t to produce energy to sustain their economies, but a full call to decarbonization would have been a way stronger signal.

🏭It reminds a bit of the discussions around the industrial electricity price in Germany to support the industry with an subsidized energy price. There were a lot of negations around the needs of the economy and the imperative to ensure a sustainable future. In the end, budgetary restrictions came into play and made bigger subsidizations impossible.

✅In my opinion the most feasible way to tackle this problem is the extensive expansion of renewable energy solutions by offering PPAs to the industry. PPAs are a perfect tool to ensure economic stability while protecting the environment with sustainable energy production. Germany can lead by example and show the world with economic prowess und clean energy are not exclusive.

đŸ€Let’s make sure Germany stays the important industrial nation it has been since the industrialization. The time to act is now to ensure a sustainable future of German prosperity by forcing pragmatic solutions.

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