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🤔After a party, a hangover is not uncommon. And after an exciting announcement like Mr. Habeck’s photovoltaic strategy, criticism and discussion are sure follow right after. Other ministries have shared their skepticism regarding certain points. Also environmentalist and associations have raised concerns, and rightfully so, as it is their duty to be a voice for those who can’t speak for themselves or their members.

⚡ A concrete discussion has risen on the German electricity grid. Not only because of the expected impact of Germany’s transition to clean energy and more solar energy, but also the government’s plan to increase the usage of heat pumps instead of oil and gas heating systems. And while this is a legitimate challenge, the society’s support for Germany’s energy transition is an amazing chance to overcome this and similar obstacles.

💡 It has long been known that especially on the local and regional level the energy grid is ill-equipped to hold up with recent innovations like PV-systems, heat pumps, electric cars which all have high demands on the grid. But why not use the momentum to modernize the structures rather than say: “Oh, we can’t do this.”? We need to look for solutions, not problems!

🤝 Most problems are only challenges that can be overcome. And who would be better equipped to to solve technical problems than German engineers? Let’s get to work!

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