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Die drei Baden-Württemberg Bären als Anime Helden

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🏠 In my last post I said: We need to find solutions rather discuss problems. With this post I want to start to do just this. In Baden-Württemberg for example, the PV obligation for new residential buildings is expected to lead to an increase of 60,000 photovoltaic installations per year in this state alone.

🛣️ On top of this, the state’s next big project is the construction of PV plants on the edge of traffic routes such as rail lines and highways, which should lead to a yearly power generation of up to 122 GWh, supplying around 35,000 three-person households with solar power.

🌞 But all this generated energy needs to be managed distributed and potentially stored. Along with a lot of the parallel developments that put pressure on the energy grid, such as the power consumption of heat pumps and electric vehicles, this is a huge challenge that needs to be taken very seriously.

💡In my next posts I will discuss how Germany needs to invest wisely and purposefully in the right parts of the grid to ensure a stable distribution to all recipients. Where do you see the biggest need for investments?

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