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📝 In the last two weeks I talked a lot about AI and its potential to help us in fighting the climate crisis. There are plenty of great and innovative ways based on machine learning, which are already helping us make better decisions and more accurate forecasts. Yet, there is still a lot of untapped potential and great voids where AI can make us take the next step. But even after intensive market research we realized that no AI related product could deliver what we were looking for.

📈 So we decided to take matters in to our own hands and we started to build something from scratch. The clear goal was to invent an AI driven solution, which does major parts of the hard work normally done by humans. Not only is this part of the job sometimes frustrating, but it also consumes a lot of time. Time that could be use more wisely, like being creative in thinking about the next innovation or developing new ideas in discussions with colleagues.

🔑 So I am thrilled to announce ENIGNUM. ENIGNUM is Deinland’s AI platform that is the key to make better, faster, and smarter decisions for our PV projects. While I can’t reveal too much about its inner workings, I can definitely tell you to that we should see AI as an amplifier for human intelligence. And the experience of building ENIGNUM has shown once again, that opening the first door of innovation will automatically generate a few more doors with new amazing ideas.

▶So stay tuned as much more will come in the future! 

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