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🌡I asked in my posting last week, if somebody knows the next ChatGPT helping us with our efforts to combat climate change, but I did not get any answers. So, we should continue by being more theoretical and discussing some very useful examples of how AI can help us contain and fight climate change. One is pretty straight forward: We can use the data we are collecting for climate research and modeling. This includes forecasting, modeling of the global weather development and making data-based suggestions for climate-friendly behavior for individuals, companies, and countries alike.

đź—şBut we can also take this thinking one step further and can use AI to measure and predict the immediate effects of climate. Monitoring draughts and floods to predict natural disasters and building the respective warning systems is one example.  And we can make progress in preserving biodiversity as AI helps us to identify and count species and to take smarter decisions on how to ensure they don’t go extinct.

đź“ŠImproving our energy consumptions is another part of the equation where AI can really support our efforts. It helps use in research for better energy sources, design smarter energy grids, monitor carbon-emissions and forecast a range of things such as simulating energy demand and supply. But also, in creating smarter buildings that are more energy-efficient and less vulnerable to the effects of climate change.

âť“ As you might suspect, we have something up our sleeve as well. Stay tuned for more information on our own project!

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