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🤔Over the last weeks media has vividly talked about the fascination and the dark side of ChatGPT, one of the most advanced artificial intelligence platforms worldwide. AI can do a lot of things faster and better than humans, but it is only as good as the human brains that designed it in the first place. Quite the paradox, isn’t it? And is AI really “intelligent”? Definitely not in the sense of human intelligence, e.g. solving philosophical problems or raising our children. 

🧠Yet, for specific problems, AI can help solve problems faster, better and with almost no margin of error. “AI is essential to solving the climate crisis”, that’s the headline of a 2022 BCG study. And I couldn’t agree more. Earlier this year I already explained why humans can’t solve the climate crisis alone, that we need help. But we also need to make full use of all the tools we have at our disposal. And one of them is artificial intelligence. 

đź’ˇAI can scale climate models, forecast scenarios, and help us make smarter decisions. We can feed machine learning models with vast amounts of data and get quicker calculations than from any human. But we need to be smart about the data we use, the conclusion we draw from the results and manage our limited resources wisely. And I think there is still room for improvement.

âť“ But which AI platform could be seen as the ChatGPT used to combat climate change? Any ideas? Please let me know!

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