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❕”The 1.5 °C goal cannot be reached!” this clear statement was given by Klaus Hasselmann. The winner of the 2021 Nobel Prize for Physics spoke at the Hamburger Zukunfts-Konferenz I attended on Tuesday this week. Awarded for his work on climate research, he has been a steady voice giving stern warnings on climate change since the 1980s.

📝Getting this clear conclusion from him as one of the great minds of climate change modelling is a very tough message to all of us, especially in the context of the disappointing results of #COP27. With the creation of a damages fund for countries affected by climate change being the only real win of the summit, it leaves a lot to be desired. While controlling global warming was on the top of the agenda, no real measures have been taken. Transition to sustainable energy sources has been emphasized but without any real actions to be taken.

🔋At the end of his speech, Professor Hasselmann said: “We must not lose hope.” And no doubt this is exactly the way forward as we need to turn the negative energy we are feeling into being innovative. There are a lot of resources and technologies available that are not being used to their full potential and we have to unlock them, which should be clear to all of us. 

❔But I am struggling with one crucial thing: if the 1,5°C goal is not an option anymore, which goal should be defined as the ultimate target to be reached? 

I am really looking forward to your input!

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