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📍As #COP27 commenced in Egypt on Sunday, over 20.000 delegates including many of the top world leaders will discuss how the 1.5 °C goal can still be reached. While it is getting very unlikely to keep global warming under that threshold, which might prove to be a fatal mistake in the history of mankind, we need to tap every single resource to keep global warming as low as possible.

🏭In Germany or better said globally, one of these untapped resources are roofs of commercial and industrial buildings. Over my last posts I pointed out just how much clean, sustainable energy could be produced by mobilizing roofs and facades. If only investing in it would be more attractive!

đź–‹So, which path do we have to get out of the current dead end? And the solution is: we need to create a new asset class within the real estate industry! An asset class, which is dedicated to renewable energy production while generating an IRR. 

đź’ˇWith „Immo-PV”, Deinland is presenting the game changer in the German corporate and industrial real estate sector. The clou of “Immo-PV” is that the real estate owners themselves are finally benefitting from their own roofs by creating SFDR Art. 9 fonds, while also elevating the existing buildings to the standards of SFDR Art. 8. 

To accelerate the energy transition, we need innovative ideas to create cash streams and investment targets as forcing dead capital on roof tops is not feasible. 

đź“‘We at Deinland are acting as the enabler if you want to turn your property into power generating assets.  With us, real estate investors, investment companies and any kind of corporate real estate owner can turn their properties into power generating assets, ready to be placed on the capital market or kept on the own balance sheet. 

So, what do you need to do as a next step? Look up!

And afterwards, you better call Deinland: 

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