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📣The big PV-news on Friday was the German Bundestag passing new tax regulations and there were some very exciting changes for photovoltaic systems. For private owners the new policies effectively mean a discount as there will be no value added tax as well as no income tax for existing and new systems. Lawmakers hope that this will motivate more homeowners to put up solar panels.

🧾There were also changes for commercial real estate funds, but it’s not the great effort the industry was hoping for. From 2023 onwards, 10 percent instead of 5 percent of the revenues of real estate funds can come from renewable energy e.g. PV installations on roof-tops without losing its valuable tax transparent status.

💭This is frustrating as it is obviously a step into the right direction, but yet another time will not help to facilitate any real change. Losing tax transparency status is a huge deal, so most funds will still shy away from big investments in like large-scale roof-installed solar installations. But luckily, Deinland found a way for real estate investment funds to overcome this tax issue and to make meaningful contributions to the #energytransition.

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