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🎇The Christmas season is always a time to reflect. Looking back at 2022, it was definitely a year to remember. We all learned about geopolitics, the scarcity of natural resources and made a collective effort to save energy. New resources were tapped and a few more steps were taken to speed up the energy transition while COP27 was a disappointment. I wish I could be more positive, but, on a global level, 2022 left a lot to be desired. There is certainly a lot to do in 2023.

🎄However, we must not lose hope and keep on trying as good as we can. Over the next days, most of us have the privilege to spend time with loved ones and recharge our batteries away from work. Good food and a nice bottle of wine sometimes do wonders to help catch the Christmas spirit as well. Let’s enjoy the last days of 2022 to start off the new year with the right mindset and energy.

⭐Merry Christmas!⭐

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