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đŸ›€All over Germany there are open fields or unused patches of land. Especially in more rural areas a lot of land is in a state of eternal stand-by. A lot of them are former fields whose fertileness has declined to the degree where agricultural use doesn’t make sense. How can we use this dormant potential in an economical and sustainable way?

🌿How about we make use of these areas to generate more clean and renewable energy? As I discussed in my last post, solar parks can even help to revive former fields and be a form of shelter for birds, small animals, and insects. And, if we make sure to be sensitive in the planning process, they won’t have the downside of disrupting the local eco-systems too much.

❕It would also be a high visibility sign to the public signalizing Germany is taking its efforts to switch to renewable energy to the next level. Travelling through Germany while seeing the innovative progress all over the countryside will be a significant contribution in establishing Germany as one of the leading countries in fighting climate change. But to support the government on this, a faster and more stream-lined approval process is imperative.

🌐What do you think about Germany’s role in the global context of fighting climate change? Are we a leader in this regard?

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