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🦸Even superheroes need help. Some have a reliable friend on their side like Batman does with Robin. But even the Dynamic Duo can turn to the Justice League if they run into problems they can’t solve on their own. Others, like the Fantastic Four or the Guardians of the Galaxy, are teams to begin with. All these relationships and alliances have their ups and downs, but in the end, they can rely on each other.

🤝To overcome obstacles that appear larger-than-life, synergies and teamwork are absolutely crucial. There is only so much individuals can do alone, so we need to team up to support each other, do multiple things at once and keep things in balance. Normally, when you think of a team, it’s a couple of people, maybe a few dozen. But there is one multi-generational challenge where we need a team of trillions to come together: climate change.

🐝about it: We as humans obviously have a huge part to play in this as we got earth into this mess by omitting way too much CO2 over last centuries. However, even mankind needs the support of others we can hopefully still call our friends: plants and animals. These trillions of superheroes, all unaware of their crucial role, are the catalysts for our efforts to re-vitalize our planet and can ultimately make sure there is a future. Humans are just there to help and assist.

🤔Who is your favorite superhero and what would they do to fight climate change?

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